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Let's cut the crap. If you're here, you want pictures, right? Sweet, now that's out of the way, 

And since we are being a bit blunt here, if you're looking for perfectly posed photos where you and your lover have picture perfect smiles on your faces, I'm sorry, friend, but I am not your girl.

Now, if you crave emotive, documentary-esque style photos that show your love in its most real form, that look like they are stills from your favorite movie... let's talk.


Couples + Engagement

Starting at $250



Starting at $300



Starting at $300



Starting at $350


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Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life. But you already knew that. I want you to genuinely think about something for a second, okay? 

When you envision your wedding day, what is the very first thing that comes to mind? 

Now, the day that you got engaged? What is the very first thing that you remember?

Probably how freaking excited you were, huh? Or maybe it was the tender moment when everything felt like it stood still, you were the only two people in the entire world. 

That, that right there is what I want you to remember about your wedding day 30 years down the road.

In 30 years, are you going to want to reminisce on the perfectly posed portraits without a wrinkle in sight? Or are you going to want to show your children and grandchildren the moments in between? The under the table hand holding, the tears of joy, the precious embraces from friends and family. These are the moments that we live for. These are the moments that I love most. 

Now, enough jabber, let's get into that you're really here for.


All wedding and elopement packages are fully customizeable

The "local"

The "adventurer"



For the courthouse weddings to the quick hike into the mountains.
Up to 4 hours of photography coverage.
Starting at $1000

For those who say "screw it, let's go get married and make it all about us,".
Who cares about what everyone thinks?
Up to 8 hours of photography coverage.
Starting at $1500

the 4 hour


the 6 hour


the 8 hour


Starting at $1,200

Starting at $2,200

Starting at $1,700


You? DOin your thing.
me? a fly on the wall.

The Birth

Just the birth itself. On call starting at 38 weeks.

Starting at $600

The Birth Story

Maternity, the birth itself and a lifestyle newborn session. On call starting at 38 weeks.

Starting at $1000